Starbucks Caramel Drinks: 12 Starbucks Caramel Drinks You Should Try Including Caffeine Level

Starbucks is known to provide the best quality coffee experience to its customers around the world. Both hot and cold drinks are famous among youths and businessmen’s orders. This prominent coffee brand not only produces such premium coffee from authentic coffee beans, but it also creates unique drinks that everyone enjoys. There are many types of caramel drinks in Starbucks; however, the caramel drink is basically made up of several ingredients.

Besides, Starbucks lovers must know well how delicious and popular the Starbucks Caramel Drinks are. From older people to kids, they all like to have a cup of caramel drink in the morning. This type of drink comes in frappe, hot, and iced depending on individual desire. Other than that, every Starbucks Caramel Drink will give exquisite, sweet, and nutty flavor inside your mouth. Therefore, the drink is a perfect medicine for morning relaxation or afternoon refreshment.

12 Amazing Starbucks Caramel Drinks

Here is a list of 12 amazing Starbucks caramel drinks with caffeine levels that you should try out:

NoNameCaffeine Level (mg)
1Caramel Macchiato150
2Salted Caramel Mocha/ Frappuccino175
3Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew185
4Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew280
5Caramel Frappuccino90
6Caramel Creme Frappuccino
7Caramel Brulée Latte (Hot/Iced)150
8Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino85
9Caramel Ribbon Crunch Creme Frappuccino
10Caramel Brulée Frappuccino90
11Caramel Brulée Creme/Frappuccino
12Caramel Apple Spice

1.  Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato

When talking about Caramel Drinks, we have to start off with Caramel Macchiato. This drink is undeniably the most well-known drink for its delicate and sweet flavor. Furthermore, the sweet and nutty taste of Caramel Macchiato offers a lot of flexibility. For this reason, people love to have Caramel Macchiato both an iced and hot drink.

Apart from its characteristics, the caramel macchiato is made using a shot/two shots of espresso, caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, and milk. This drink often comes with espresso at the bottom and caramel sauce and milk foam as a topping. As the caramel sauce slowly dissolves in espresso, it creates sweet and pleasant flavors in every layer of your cup. Furthermore, a cup of caramel macchiato generates 263 calories and 150 mg of caffeine, which is good for your diet. 

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2.  Salted Caramel Mocha/ Frappuccino

What makes Salted Caramel Mocha special from other drinks is the salty flavor produced by the sweet, milky, and caramel taste. This Salted Caramel Mocha comes in a combination of toffee syrup, caramel sauce, mocha sauce, steamed milk, and a touch of sea salt.

Since it comprises a shot of espresso and a few pumps of mocha sauce, a cup of salted caramel mocha consists of 175 mg of caffeine. This drink also contains up to 470 calories per 16 oz cup because it includes 4 pumps of toffee nut syrup and caramel sauce as the fundamental source of calories. On top of that, the drink comes with sweet cream along with a caramel drizzle that makes it creamy and satisfying. Therefore, the salted caramel mocha is ideal for people who like the sweetness in coffee, especially young teenagers.    

3.  Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Salted caramel cream cold brew is ideal for people who love to taste watery, bitter, sweet, and nutty coffee. In the cold brewing method, the coffee bean is slowly concentrated in hot water for long hours. All coffee attributes will be fully extracted during the process, making the coffee taste sour and bitter. Other than that, with cold brew, the coffee’s body is quite watery. However, the cold brew contains most caffeine because the coffee is brewed for many hours to extract all caffeine. A cup of cold brew usually carries 185 mg of caffeine.

On the other hand, the salted caramel cream cold brew often comes in 2 pumps of syrup, cold brew Arabica coffee, and caramel cream with salt. You can add another caramel topping or syrup if you like a sweeter taste. The cold brew drink works perfectly with ice, so you should not order a hot cup.

4.  Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew

This type of Starbucks caramel drink is similar to salted caramel cream cold brew except for the use of the nitro cold brew method. If you know how to make cold brew coffee, you only need to mix it with nitrogen. Then pour it into a bottle and shake it for some time. As a result, you will have a creamy cold brew coffee, yet it consists of 280 mg of caffeine in a 16-oz cup.

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The salted caramel cream provides a heavy, sugary, nutty, and creamy savor that gives a pleasant taste when mixing with nitro cold brew coffee. In addition, the flavor is very versatile and delicate with every sip you make.

5.  Caramel Frappuccino

Caramel Frappuccino

If you like a smooth, delicate, and creamy taste, caramel frappuccino should be the one. Starbucks caramel drink has always been the number one drink, especially caramel frappuccino, so this thick and sweet drink is perfect on a hot afternoon. This frappuccino has 90 mg caffeine content; therefore, it is good for people who like to have less caffeine.

Furthermore, this drink carries roughly 380 calories in a grande cup because there are 54 grams of sugar in the coffee. Besides, there is only a shot of espresso to make this caramel frappuccino, but you can pour additional espresso shots for your desire. On top of that, the caramel itself provides a sweet and nutty flavor, yet you can put in some more caramel sauce for your preference.

6.  Caramel Creme Frappuccino

Previously, the caramel frappuccino was limited for consumers to customize the topping. Similar to the caramel frappuccino, this drink type is known for its creamy topping as the drink’s signature. Moreover, with the caramel creme frappuccino, you can add chocolate chips, caramel sauce, or Chantilly cream as the topping. Thus, you will get the most delicate caramel frappuccino.

In addition, since the drink comes with a mixture of many sugary ingredients, the caramel creme frappuccino carries a higher calories content than the normal caramel frappuccino. However, no one worries about the high calories when the drink provides a decent flavor to every sip.     

7. Caramel Brulée Latte (Hot/Iced)

If you are new to coffee, you might be wondering what Bruée is. Brulée is the caramelization process to burn the sugar virtually. Similar to the latte, the caramel Brulée latte has additional cream on the topping. If you like thick cream, you can use whole milk. However, if you prefer more foam, you can mix it with less fat milk.

The Caramel Brulée latte is made from a shot of espresso, Brulée sugar, milk, caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, cream, and granulated sugar. These ingredients have a lot of sugar content; therefore, the Brulée latte includes several sugary ingredients that make up 410 calories per 16 oz cup.

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8.  Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino

This caramel crunch frappuccino can be used as a sweet treat to refresh your afternoon or whenever you feel like a cup of iced coffee from the cafe. You may find that the drink had a strong caramel taste and was too sweet. You can try stirring it several times to get all the ingredients in, but it was far too sweet.

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino consists of buttery caramel syrup combined with coffee, milk, and water. Finally, it is topped with caramel drizzle, dark caramel sauce, and whipped cream. For a serving size of 16 fl oz, the calories from fat will be 200.

9.  Caramel Ribbon Crunch Creme Frappuccino

The Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino creme has all the Starbucks caramel flavor you’d expect from this blended drink, but without the coffee. This non-caffeinated Starbucks drink is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a refreshing coffee-free drink.

10.  Caramel Brulée Frappuccino

Starbucks Caramel Brulée Frappuccino makes a delicious seasonal beverage. This tasty drink combines caramel, vanilla, and maple to make a delicious and satisfying drink. Starbucks adds caramel brulée sauce to blend with milk and ice. Starbucks also put whipped cream and caramel to their caramel brulée sauce. And it also adds some sugar candy to their caramel brulee mixture.

This perfect balance of flavor makes people who are loving it stay crazy and craving it. It’s delicious with extra caramel drizzle, and it’s a must-have if you love caramel! The overall taste is not too sweet or rich, and the calories from fat will be 140 for every serving size (16 fl oz).

11. Caramel Brulée Creme/Frappuccino

This creme version has the same taste like the regular version and is customized for those who need a little less coffee. This blended caramel cream drink is perfect for giving kids or anyone looking for a sweet treat that doesn’t contain caffeine or coffee.

You can order this caffeine-free frappuccino by ordering a regular Caramel Brulée Frappuccino with no coffee.

12. Caramel Apple Spice

Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice, a fall-time favorite, has delicious flavors that remind of warm apple pie. This caramel apple spice deserves to be called “apple pies and vanilla ice-cream drink,” as that is exactly how it tastes. You can enjoy a large slice of warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cinnamon dolce is magical in apple juice. The cinnamon whipped cream with caramel sauced drizzle is another great addition to the overall taste.

For a serving size of 16 fl oz, the calories from fat will reach 80. The caffeine in this drink is zero, which is the best match for kids and non-coffee drinks. This recipe is perfect for sharing with family and friends at Thanksgiving or whenever you have them over.

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