Caffeine in Nespresso – Everything You Need to Know About Nespresso Caffeine Content!


Welcome to the world of coffee enthusiasts! There are many coffee lovers out there who love to have a more robust espresso to boost up their morning. However, they cannot make the best out of their cups yet. Although many coffee lovers fancy espresso, Nespresso is one among the most considerable caffeine carriers.

Why is this coffee beverage so special? Does it have a strong caffeine? Well, there is no straightforward answer to it. Given the fact that Nespresso capsules come in a variety of sizes and distinguished blends, each capsule will carry a separate amount of caffeine. Therefore, as Nespresso lovers, this article will show you with some hints on how to determine the caffeine amount found in every capsule.

Nespresso Caffeine

Nespresso Caffeine

Nespresso has published caffeine concentration recommendations to give knowledge to Nespresso enthusiasts. According to the guidelines, a regular espresso carries between 40 to 130 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, a cup of Vertuo coffee has caffeine of at least 60 to 200 mg. Therefore, it still remains a challenge to determine the amount of caffeine in each capsule. That would be a significant range, so let’s narrow it down further.

To begin, we must ascertain the amount of caffeine contained in a standard cup of joe. Medium-roasted espresso generally contains 100 mg of caffeine per 8 ounces-cup. However, it is typical that coffee will give you caffeine, roughly ranging from 60 to 150 mg per cup. Hence, it serves as a good starting place for our investigation into the world of caffeine and serves as an applicable benchmark for looking more deeply.

Effects After Consuming Nespresso’s Caffeine

Once you have realized Nespresso’s caffeinated beverages, you would be undoubtedly asking how to know the caffeine in my cup? For this reason, you should think about these main points:

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An Aspect of Capsule Style

An Aspect of Capsule Style

Typically, a double capsule has more caffeine than a single one. However, both will carry caffeine in a recommended daily caffeine consumption, so it would not affect much to your health. Besides, you may try Gran Lungo capsules, which hold at most 200 mg of caffeine. Thus, if you go for that capsule, you will have more clues on caffeine intake. 

Decaf Style

Although decaf Nespresso capsules seem to be caffeine-free, this is not the case. As per capsule, decaf carries 12 mg of caffeine at most, which is far less than any other coffee beverage. However, this type of coffee works best for pregnant women or people who cannot consume a lot of caffeine.

So, Is It Possible To Make An Espresso With A Nespresso Espresso Pod?

It is not necessary to use an espresso pod for making a cup of espresso. Plus, when making coffee blends, they think about how long it will take to get extracted. Therefore, if you try to brew the espresso pods, the coffee will be over-extracted. This phenomenon happens because the coffee capsules are extracted so slowly and with more water that it can cause over-extraction. As a result, the coffee taste will be burned and unpleasant. On the other hand, it is not possible to extract the espresso pods using high temperatures with a shorter time frame. The coffee flavor will be burned and smoky.

Caffeine Versus Intensity

It is a frequent misperception that darker coffee contains more caffeine. Unlike what many people think, robust coffee refers to coffee carrying more flavor profiles. Thus, full-bodied or robust espresso signifies its flavor, not the caffeine content.

On the other hand, Nespresso is designed differently regarding the amount of intensity in each capsule. Thus, the intensity does not relate to the amount of caffeine in the capsule; however, it refers to the coffee flavor only. Furthermore, the strength of the coffee is made up of two components: the coffee roasting temperature and the amount of Arabica and Robusta coffee mixed together.

Arabica coffee, one of the world’s high-end quality coffee, has a sweet and milder flavor with less caffeine, carrying notes of cherries and chocolate in the aftertaste. The exotic and extreme environmental conditions give birth to this coffee plant, making the characteristics exceptional.

However, with the lower attitudes and less complicated planting, Robusta is ranked the second most valuable coffee bean in the world, offering more robust and intensive flavor profiles and carrying more caffeine.

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On top of that, roasting can cause a great deal of caffeine reduction in the coffee body. For this reason, extra-dark and dark roast are considered to have the least caffeine content for the coffee. Nevertheless, the light-roast carries the most caffeine as the coffee beans are roasted shorter, not allowing any coffee attributes to leave its body. Meanwhile, the medium-roasted coffee is often the most balanced one.

For example, Nespresso Kazaar uses Robusta coffee roasted at medium level, so it has a stronger flavor and more caffeine. However, the Nespresso Roma capsule uses Arabica coffee with dark roasting. Thus, the coffee has less caffeine, yet more intensity (8/11).

By The Way, What Is Nespresso Intensity Number?

Nespresso intensity numbers are typically utilized to describe the strength of the coffee. There are now many types of Nespresso pods, and one of the attributes that distinguish each kind is intensity. Moreover, there are a total of 11 levels of intensity, stretching from 1 to 11. 4/11 is the intensity of many espressos used on the market.

Is A Higher Nespresso Intensity Associated With A Higher Caffeine Content?

A frequently asked question is whether or not the intensity is related to caffeine levels. As indicated earlier, caffeine level is calculated by just two components. The two other things to look at are how much coffee grounds are inside of each capsule and the coffee bean types.

Basically, the longer the roast, the more flavor the coffee is enhanced. Yet if you look for more caffeine, you could try the light roast or medium-roast coffee. The coffee at this level will give the heartbeat you want, but do not expect much of the flavor from the coffee. Anyway, if you ever taste a bitter coffee, it does mean the coffee has a lot of caffeine.

Caffeine Comparison Between VertuoLine and OriginalLine

The standard pods of OriginalLine carry around 60 mg of caffeine, whereas the Lungo ones include approximately 80 mg. In addition, the typical VertuoLine pod has a caffeine content of 105 mg; however, certain variants may contain up to 150 milligrams. Although VertuoLine capsules typically contain greater caffeine, the exact amount of caffeine in each capsule might vary considerably.

Below is A List of Caffeine Content And The Intensity of Nespresso

OriginalLine Per Shot:

Indriva (10) 94 mg, Fortissio Lungo (8) 85 mg, Dulsoa (4) 84 mg, Ristretto (10) 83mg, Arpeggio (9) 83mg, Dharkan (11) 82mg, Vivalto Lungo (4) 77mg, Venezia (8) 77mg, Ristretto Italiano (10) 75mg, Roma (8) 73mg, Rosabaya (6) 73mg, Volluto (4) 72mg, Bukeela (3) 72mg, Linizio Lungo (4) 72mg, Ciocattino (6) 72mg, Vanilio (6) 71mg, Capriccio (5) 70mg, Genova Livanto (6) 64mg, Firenze Arpeggio (9) 63mg, Cosi (4) 59mg.

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VertuoLine Per Shot:

Voltesso (4) 85mg, Altissio (9) 85mg, Diavolitto (11) 150mg, Aflorazio (4) 135mg, Arondio (6) 135mg, Fortado (8) 200mg, Solelio (2) 165mg, Giornio (4) 165mg, Elvazio (4) 165mg, HalfCaffeinato (5) 70mg, Melozio (6) 165mg, Hazelino (6) 165mg, Caramelizio (6) 165mg, Vanizio (6) 165mg, Odacio (7) 165mg, Stormio (8) 165mg, Intenso (9) 165mg, Dolce (4) 190mg, Intenso (7) 190mg.

Popular Questions That May Clear Your Doubts

What Can I Do To Receive Additional Recycle Bags?

Additional bags can be added to shopping carts through online purchases during the checkout process on their original website.

Why Do I Not Receive The Recycle Bags?

It is very common that out of thousand Nespresso orders will obtain no recycle bags in the package. Due to the congested volume of orders, the company might have a few errors in putting the bags. If you are facing this case, you can contact the company’s support to get your items. By doing so, you will be delivered extra bags next time. 

What is The Exact Caffeine Quantity in A Nespresso Pod?

It may not be rightful to feel that you consume more caffeine when the coffee flavor tastes stronger and full-bodied. Actually, it is the quantity that increases the caffeine inside your cup. Thus, the coffee quantity and type of beans are the most critical factors. Generally, Robusta carries 2.4% of caffeine per Nespresso capsule, which is the strongest. While Arabica quantity has a 1.2% caffeine concentration, the Decaf contains as low as 0.1% caffeine.


We understand that attempting to grasp all of the complexities of Nespresso’s caffeine level may be a challenging experience. The amount of caffeine in each Nespresso capsule varies according to the one you are consuming. Thus, there is no right answer to the extent to which Nespresso capsules carry caffeine content. After reading this article, it is expected that the information and matter should have been clarified to assist you in determining the caffeine content of your specific Nespresso capsules. When it comes to caffeine content, the basic recommendations we offer here are reliable and may allow you to get a feel of certain caffeine in a cup of Nespresso. Even when you do not discover a specific amount, the article is still helpful.

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