Does Sprite Have Caffeine? Here’s The Truth!

Most people are aware that caffeine is in various drinks and beverages, specifically coffee. Many drinkers would also know that popular drinks such as soda, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi contain caffeine, which are alternatives for those who do not prefer coffee. Coming from the same company, Coca-Cola, Sprite has been the center of attention regarding whether or not it contains caffeine. This article will answer your question regarding the caffeine quantity in Sprite by first starting with a brief introduction to caffeine, its history, ingredients, and other relevant information about Sprite.


About Caffeine

Most coffee lovers may understand caffeine clearly and its benefits. Caffeine is a natural compound that stimulates your body’s reaction to boost your energy levels, keep you focused, and make you more alert and awake. It has other health benefits that protect you from various diseases, including skin cancer, brain cancer, and even diabetes.

You can find caffeine in various sorts of drinks. Naturally, you can find it in coffee, tea, and other plants such as kola nuts, cocoa plants, and more. Beverages such as soda contain caffeine, especially Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi. The difference is that the caffeine quantity varies according to each drink; different types of coffee or soda have different amounts of caffeine. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the caffeine content in each drink you choose in order to select the right one for your daily intake.

Caffeine Content in Different Drinks

As mentioned above, the caffeine quantity varies according to different drinks. Even different types of coffee have different amounts of caffeine. For instance, regular brewed coffee contains roughly 95 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. Espresso coffee is known to be darker in taste and contain more caffeine. A shot of espresso would have 63 milligrams, and a double shot of espresso would have 125 milligrams of caffeine. The higher range of caffeine content in coffee would range from 100 to 130 milligrams per fluid ounce. 

Caffeinated beverages, apart from coffee, are popular nowadays, especially among teens and other people who need the benefits of caffeine but cannot bear a sip of coffee. A 330 ml can of Coca-Cola contains around 30 to 50 milligrams of caffeine, and diet coke has roughly 46 milligrams per can. A similar beverage, Pepsi, contains similar caffeine content to a Coke; one can of Pepsi has approximately 56 milligrams.

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Caffeine Content in Different Drinks

About Sprite

Before understanding more about the caffeine content in Sprite, let’s take a quick look at the brief history and information about Sprite. Sprite was created by the Coca-Cola company and was first brought to the US in 1961 to compete with a similar drink, 7 Up. Most people like Sprite due to its refreshing and clean taste from lemon and lime.

Sprite refers to a famous soft drink that can be found almost everywhere around the world. Since its creation, it has developed into several different flavors, ranging from Sprite Zero, Sprite Cherry, Sprite Lymonade, Sprite Ginger, Sprite Tropical, and more. The main ingredients of Sprite include lemon and lime flavors, corn syrup, water, sugar, acid, sweetener and sodium.

Caffeine in Sprite

Sprite refers to a  carbonated soda that does not contain any caffeine content. Thus, it is ideal for people who want soda but cannot bear the caffeine intake; Sprite is your best choice. Now, you may wonder, if Sprite has no caffeine content, how can you boost your energy level or stay focused during the day? Do not worry; despite having zero caffeine, Sprite is made from loads of sugar and sweeteners that can boost your energy similarly to coffee or other caffeinated beverages.

A bottle or 12 oz of Sprite contains roughly 140 calories with 38 grams of sugar, which is enough carbohydrates to boost your energy levels for the day. Most people notice a sharp rise in blood sugar after consuming it. They might experience an increase in energy, including jitters or anxiety. It is ideal for people who don’t drink coffee, as after ingesting too much caffeine, you can feel anxious, jitteriness, or nervous.

As a result, even though Sprite doesn’t contain caffeine, excessive use may give you more energy and have effects comparable to caffeine.

Is Sprite Good For Your Health?

Despite not containing any sugar, Sprite does contain lots of carbs. It could not be healthy for those with disorders linked to blood sugar. As mentioned above, a 12 oz bottle of Sprite contains roughly 38 grams of added sugar, which exceeds the recommended amount from professionals, which is 36 grams for adult men and 25 grams for women.

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Excessive consumption of added sugar has been related to a higher chance of developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and several other health issues. Therefore, Sprite should be used in moderation to prevent any harmful risks, especially blood sugar spikes.

Additionally, those who routinely consume other meals rich in added sugars should be extra cautious about drinking Sprite if they have diabetes or other problems controlling their blood sugar.

Is Sprite Zero Good?

Sprite Zero is another flavor or version of Sprite. It contains relatively low calories and added sugar. However, Aspartame, a replacement artificial sweetener, is present. Some findings suggest artificial sweeteners are harmful to you and could lead to various health problems. However, little is known about how safe artificial sweeteners are in the long run. Studies on how artificial sweeteners affect hunger, weight gain, and the risk of cancer and diabetes are still unclear. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid Sprite if artificial sweetener-free beverages are not permitted.

Side Effects of Sprite

Like any type of soda, Sprite contains a certain amount of added sugar, which is not healthy if consumed excessively. Any drink used in an excessive amount may cause an increase in weight, dental damage, and other health issues. However, unlike coffee, energy drinks like Sprite won’t give you anxiety, headache, or other negative consequences of drinking too much caffeine. It is still possible to gain weight and have other adverse health effects from drinking excessive amounts of Sprite, which is why it can’t be emphasized enough that you drink it moderately.

Other Alternatives

As mentioned before, even though Sprite gives you the energy you want without the caffeine content, it has added sugar that is not good for you when drunk excessively. Therefore, you may want to know the healthier alternatives to Spire that give you the same energy you lighten up your day.

One of the alternatives is to make a lemonade or lemon-lime drink with no added sugar. Lemonade is often viewed as a more ideal selection than sugary drinks such as Sprite. Lemonade has vitamins that may help balance the adverse effects of excessive sugar due to its acidic taste. Lemonade is an excellent water source, crucial for keeping a healthy body. You can make one by having a club soda, mixing it with natural lemon and lime, and pouring in some ice to make it refreshing.

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The second alternative is sparkling water. Sparkling water is viewed to be an excellent alternative for soda if you’re looking for something with a similar acidic  flavor. It will be calories-free, hydrating, and give you a minor quantity of bubbles for your soda cravings. Club soda or other carbonated beverage that does not contain sugar can be another alternative. You might also like carbonated drinks with natural flavors, like La Croix, that don’t have added sugars.

Tea and coffee are other alternatives for those who like a little caffeine content to boost their energy levels and keep them stay alert throughout the day. Another ideal pick for people seeking a healthy soda alternative is no other than tea due to its antioxidant content, especially green tea, which has been known to boost productivity and performance. On the other hand, coffee is an excellent choice for boosting energy. Caffeine, which is included in it, might make you feel more concentrated and awake. Therefore, coffee would work if you are not avoiding caffeine. You just need to be cautious about how much sugar and creamer you consume.

Milk and juice would also work to substitute Sprite due to its protein content which has less sugar and calories compared to Sprite. Moreover, it contains calcium that would benefit your bones. Even though juice contains sugar, it is still made of natural fruits and vegetables, which is more beneficial to your health.


The answer to the question of whether Sprite contains caffeine or not is No. Sprite has zero caffeine content. However, it does have an adequate amount of sugar that can level up your energy and keep you productive for the day. Sprite has various types and flavors; Sprite-Zero is a popular flavor known to be low in sugar but can still keep you energized.  Even though it can keep you alert without any caffeine, it is not recommended for people to drink it excessively as the added sugar would cause an increase in weight, diabetes, and other health concerns. Other alternatives, such as sparkling water, sugar-free soda, tea, coffee, milk, and juice, are more recommended.

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