Is McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee Good? Everything You Need to Know About McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee!

McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant chain that is prominent around the globe. It should be noted, however, that McDonald’s offers a variety of various coffees in addition to its regular food supply. McDonald’s features an exclusive menu for coffee beverages, including espresso drinks and blended coffee drinks.

If you are a McDonald’s fan, you probably like to go with iced coffees during a hot day. Meanwhile, some others prefer hot coffees to start their day. Moreover, all of McDonald’s coffees are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

McDonald’s has served coffee since the restaurant’s establishment. The McDonald’s coffee, a.k.a. McCafe, has come up with additional creative and tasty coffees that were introduced to the menu in the aim to compete with its competitor, Starbucks.

McDonald’s or McCafe Premium Roast Coffee

A cup of McCafé® Premium Roast Coffee is very straightforward and pleasant in its simplicity. The coffee is made using an organic and high-end quality coffee bean, Arabica. In addition, the Arabica coffee beans are roasted exquisitely by expert coffee roasters. Also, the beans are later brewed within 30 minutes of serving to ensure their freshness and fragrance.

Furthermore, McCafe Premium Roast Coffee is served in 3 different cup-size, including small, medium, and large. It makes it easy for people who drink the least and the most coffee. Other than that, the premium-roast coffee consists of 0 calories, which makes it an ideal choice for a healthy diet. On the other hand, customers can add sweetener, sugar, or cream if they prefer a lighter taste of coffee.

Supplier of The Great McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee

Premium Roast Coffee

Aside from McDonald’s own coffee supplier, the other pivotal suppliers of McDonald’s coffee beans include Green Mountain Coffee, Gavina Gourmet Coffee, Seattle’s Best, and Newman’s Own. Gavina Gourmet Coffee is among the other suppliers that has offered McDonald’s a massive amount of Arabica coffee beans for the last 30 years.

Roasting Level

As the name suggests, the McCafe premium roast coffee is roasted at a medium roast; therefore, the coffee has a brown color with a thicker body and oily surface. Plus, since the medium roast coffee is pressurized in a hotter temperature than the light one, the coffee flavor profile will be more balanced, caramel-like, and delicate. On top of that, this medium roast coffee can suit everyone’s favorites because it has a low amount of caffeine. Also, it can be served along with other McDonald’s meals. McDonald’s only serves a cup of freshly ground coffee that is done in their own espresso machine. The drip coffee, on the other hand, is pre-ground and pre-packaged to make brewing easier as brewed coffee accounts for the vast bulk of the coffee beverages sold at McDonald’s already.

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McDonald’s Coffee Taste is Brilliant

McDonald’s Coffee Taste Is Brilliant

There is something about an espresso drink that most people, even if they do not often consume coffee. Let us simply state that a large quantity of milk and other types of sugar may make the coffee taste pleasant. Nonetheless, McDonald’s uses Arabica coffee beans for its espresso because the Arabica beans offer delicate, fruity, and nutty characteristics of flavor, so the coffee does not require extra sweeteners at all. In addition, the fact that McDonald’s does not prefer Robusta is because this type of coffee bean produces a more robust and bitter taste profile. As a result, it might not be friendly for non-coffee drinkers.

Having the proper standard of coffee beans, milk temperature, espresso machine and skilled baristas are the keys to a successful coffee shop. With highly experienced and professional baristas, they understand how to thoroughly mix the right milk so that it combines effortlessly with espresso. Additionally, McDonald’s collaborates with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to obtain the international roasting standards. For this reason, McDonald’s always produces an exceptional and organic coffee taste to its customers.

McDonald’s Coffee Choice For Home

In order for McDonald’s to keep up with demand, the analysis proves that a large number of people have been purchasing and drinking their coffees, so it is believed that some of them will definitely want the coffee at home. Because of this, McDonald’s has established coffee bean take-away packages, including everything. Thus, they can ensure that their customers can make great coffee at home on their own. McDonald’s coffee at home is a variety of blends of K-cup pods and bags. There are also a number of specialty coffee products available, such as a Premium Roast, a Premium Roast Decaf, and Breakfast Blend.

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Not only does McDonald’s serve coffee drinkers, but non-coffee drinkers or pregnant women can also make coffee at home by the Breakfast Blend. This is a decaf version that offers fruity and toasty fragrance to its flavor profile. Furthermore, for those who want their coffee rich and robust, the French Roast is the perfect choice. The coffee offers a robust fragrance along with a cacao flavor. On the other hand, the Colombian blend is roasted to medium-dark and has a pleasant taste in the aftertaste. There are also French Vanilla, Cinnamon Mocha, and Chocolate Mocha blends available at McDonald’s.

Origins of McDonald’s Coffee Grounds

McDonald’s uses a variety of coffee beans from different countries, including Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Brazil, which they combine together to produce their blends. Thus, if you order a cup of Premium Roast coffee, you will definitely get freshly brewed Arabic coffee beans. McDonald’s only roasts and brews a certain amount of coffee beans depending on their expected customers; therefore, they can ensure the quality and freshness of coffee at the highest standard.

Other McDonald’s Coffees On The Menu

McDonald’s also offers some other great coffees besides the Premium Roast coffees on their menu. You can find out the following hot and iced coffee drinks available in every McDonald’s coffee store in the list below:

1.    Cappuccino

Cappuccino is often served in a hot drink. The espresso shots sit at a base, and the baristas carefully blend them with steamed milk to make cappuccino an exceptional taste. Plus, for those who like caramel or vanilla, McDonald’s offers Caramel Cappuccino and French Vanilla Cappuccino as well.

2.    Mocha

Mocha is another famous coffee drink on the menu, offering creamy and hot. Espresso shots, steamed milk, and chocolate syrup are all that is needed to make this warm beverage. It finishes with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle as toppings. In addition, people can order Caramel Mocha from the menu as well.

3.    Latte

You can also find latte drinks, such as latte, French vanilla lattes, and Caramel latte on the McDonald’s menu. They all come with two espresso shots mixed with steamed milk.

4.    Americano

With only a mixture of espresso and hot water, the Americano is undoubtedly one of the most famous coffee drinks because of its robust and aromatic flavor with notes of chocolate from the Arabica beans.

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5.    Iced Mocha

For those who do not like Mocha in hot, they can order Iced Mocha or Iced Caramel Mocha instead. It is not all the time that coffee drinks prefer hot or iced, yet it comes down to the mood and weather that make them choose it. The iced Mocha is an ideal option for coffee drinkers during the hot afternoon or summer.

6.    Iced Latte

Similar to the iced mocha, iced latte is preferred in the hot weather condition as well. However, the difference is that iced lattes are ordered by people who like a nutty and caramel flavor in their coffee.

7. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is fundamentally brewed with Keurig, Drip, French Press, Aeropress, and other brewing methods. Then, the coffee is left cooled down or chilled. After that, the coffee is put on ice to make it iced coffee. In other recipes, iced coffee is put with caramel to make Iced Caramel Coffee. If mixed with vanilla, it will be Iced French Vanilla Coffee.

8. Frappe

Frappe is a smooth, icy drink that combines espresso blended with ice and other sweeteners. This type of drink is so refreshing that it is preferred by people who love to have a smooth and buttery coffee. Frappe can be ordered in Mocha or Caramel Frappe versions. They both contain a rich and nutty taste while producing chocolatey coffee aromas. Moreover, customers can add whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or caramel drizzle as toppings with Frappe. It makes the coffee delicious.

9. Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato is a unique coffee drink in the McDonald’s store. It is generally served with nonfat milk having two shots of dark roasted espresso at the base. Moreover, it adds caramel syrup and caramel drizzle to intensify the espresso with full notes of caramel.

Final Verdict

No one can deny the fact that the majority of people enjoy early morning coffee. Because McDonald’s has so many drive-through locations around the country, it is so much quicker for people to take away their morning coffee.

McDonald’s offers a variety of coffees, ensuring that it has everything for everyone on the menu. Whether you are looking for a hot cup of coffee to warm you up on a cold morning or an iced coffee to refresh your afternoon, McDonald’s will be there to back you up.

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